April 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

April 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

Welcome to April, when it's technically spring but we're somehow still bracing ourselves for another winter storm here in North Dakota.

In case you missed it, Microsoft Build will be held May 23–24 digitally and in-person in Seattle May 23–25. Register now!

Azure Virtual Training Days

Power Platform Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Virtual Briefing

  • Microsoft Datacenter Tour: Virtual Experience | April 20th

Digital OpenHack

Microsoft Reactor

  • Terraform in 60 minutes: Azure Deployment made easy | April 3rd

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence on Azure | April 4th

  • Building resilient distributed applications in the cloud (series):

    • How to (not) build a distributed monolith - orchestrate using Netflix Conductor | April 4th

    • Building the Orkes SaaS Platform using Orchestration | April 11th

    • Resiliency at Scale with Netflix Conductor | April 18th

  • Azure ML Fundamentals | April 4th

  • Using Azure Private Endpoints | April 5th

  • Visual Machine Learning using Azure ML | April 6th

  • Ask the Expert: Deploying a Python 3.11 Application to Azure App Service | April 6th

  • Azure Cost Management | April 6th

  • Simplifying AKS and Deploying Containerized Applications on Azure | April 10th

  • Building and deploying a predictive model with Azure Copilot and Codespaces | April 11th

  • App Service Networking - Part 1 | April 11th

  • Azure Governance: Ask Me Anything | April 11th

  • Get Started with Azure DevOps | April 12th

  • Build an AI translator assistant in Azure | April 13th

  • Ask the Expert: Deploying a Python Project with Azure Container Apps | April 13th

  • App Service Networking - Part 2 | April 13th

  • The Power of Azure DevOps and Terraform: Streamlining Infrastructure Management | April 17th

  • Conversational AI with Azure Bot Services | April 18th

  • Deploy applications consistently at scale on AKS or Arc-enabled k8s using GitOps | April 18th

  • Learn Live: Create, configure, and manage identities | April 19th

  • Azure OpenAI — Document processing | April 19th

  • Computer Vision with Azure Custom Vision | April 20th

  • The Agile Mindset | April 20th

  • Azure Open AI Service | April 25th

  • VS Code Day 2023 | April 26th

  • Grand tour of Azure operations: Optimization, governance & delivery at scale | April 27th

  • Responsible ML and AI | April 27th

  • Learn Live: Introduction to Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets | April 27th

  • Deploy a Python Web App to the Cloud, with GitHub and Azure | April 27th

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