August 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

August 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

I hope everyone is having a great summer! After a light month of events in July, Microsoft has a bunch of learning opportunities in August. Take a look below, and be sure to look at the playlist of sessions from Build 2023 to catch up on any you missed.

Azure Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Azure Webinars

Microsoft Virtual Briefings

Microsoft Reactor

  • Azure Functions & OpenAI Meetup | August 3rd

  • Learn the art of Prompt Engineering with best practices and safety features | August 3rd

  • Convert your Excel sheet into Power Platform Apps using AI | August 7th

  • Efficient Data Binding with MVVM in .NET MAUI | August 7th

  • Docker Dev Tools: Turbocharge Your Workflow! | August 8th

  • JMeter -101 Performance Testing with Apache JMeter | August 8th

  • Reliable Web Apps Pattern Overview + Cost Optimization | August 8th

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Describe Cloud Concepts | August 8th

  • Azure Monitor Agent Migration Ask Me Anything | August 9th

  • Azure OpenAI with Power Platform: Unleashing Citizen Developers' Potential August 10th

  • Let's Get Technical - Vietnam: Build a Stateful Application in Minutes with Dapr Work | August 11th

  • Local Data Persistence Made Easy in .NET MAUI | August 14th

  • Automating Workflows with Azure Logic Apps | August 15th

  • Reliable Web Apps: Tenants of Reliability | August 15th

  • Introduction to Deploying to Azure Container Apps | August 16th

  • Introduction to GitHub Copilot | August 17th

  • Semantic Kernel for Beginners: Exploring the World of Semantic Kernel | August 17th

  • Let's build a PlugIn for ChatGPT and BingChat | August 17th

  • Let's Get Technical - Vietnam: Demystify OAuth 2.0 and Integrate web apps to Azure AD | August 18th

  • Zero to WordPress Hero: Azure App Service for Your Website | August 18th

  • Build your Frontend with Azure Static Web Apps | August 21st

  • Microsoft Fabric: Lakehouse and Warehouse made easy | August 22nd

  • Integrate Azure Load Testing with CI/CD & JMeter-based Tests | August 22nd

  • Exploring Enterprise Messaging with Azure Service Bus | August 22nd

  • Reliable Web Apps: Security | August 22nd

  • Azure Fundamentals: Describe Azure Architecture and Services | August 22nd

  • Getting Started with GitHub Co-pilot | August 23rd

  • An introduction to responsible AI (RAI) process | August 23rd

  • Introduction to AKS and Deploying Applications to an AKS Cluster | August 23rd

  • Build a Serverless Backend with Azure Functions | August 24th

  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID: A New Solution for ID-Verification | August 24th

  • Build and connect to a Database using Azure Cosmos DB | August 28th

  • Exploring Different Types of Performance Tests | August 29th

  • Building Reactive Applications with Azure Event Grid | August 29th

  • Get started with end-to-end analytics and lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric | August 29th

  • Reliable Web Apps: Operational Excellence | August 29th

  • Azure OpenAI: Completion Requests via Postman, Python, C# .NET 7 | August 30th

  • Manage performance and availability in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL | August 30th

  • Secure Supply Chain and Container Deployment | August 30th

  • Deploy & Scale Azure Functions in microservices app environment | August 31st

  • Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service | August 31st

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