July 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

July 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

Things get a little quiet around Microsoft in July, so I have fewer events to share with you for this month. We still have lots of great Reactor sessions though, so be sure to check them out below.

This is also a great opportunity to participate in the free Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge, running from July 17th – August 14th. Choose and complete one (or more) of four challenges to earn a badge and certificate of completion!

Azure Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Reactor

  • Securing Mariner container host workloads on AKS | July 12th

  • AKS Zero Trust Security | July 12th

  • Let's Learn .NET - Web Development | July 13th

  • How to expose ML model errors, data bias & interpretability with responsible AI | July 13th

  • Optimizing Power BI - Power BI Data Modelling Best practices | July 18th

  • Introduction to GitHub Copilot | July 18th

  • Getting Started with Azure OpenAI Studio | July 19th

  • Ask Me Anything – Microsoft Fabric | July 20th

  • Prompt Engineering, with GitHub Copilot and Azure Open AI | July 20th

  • Azure Powered Management Control Plane for Horizontally Scaled Stamped Applications | July 20th

  • From Mobile to Desktop: Building Versatile Apps with .NET MAUI | July 24th

  • Automating AKS cluster creation using Bicep and Azure DevOps | July 25th

  • ASE v1 / v2 Migration to ASE v3 | July 25th

  • ISE to Logic Apps Standard Migration | July 26th

  • Azure OpenAI : Building a foundation & empowering ethical innovation | July 27th

  • Introducing AI copilots for your startup | July 27th

  • Let's code a drone using Azure OpenAI Services | July 27th

  • Manage applications at scale on Azure App Service | July 28th

  • Build your Company Copilot with AzureML & OpenAI | July 31st

  • Exploring UI Design in .NET MAUI | July 31st

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