June 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

June 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

We made it to summer! Microsoft Build wrapped up last week with lots of great announcements and releases. If you missed it, here's my overview post and the session playlist on YouTube for anything you want to go back and watch

Look for a DevOps OpenHack this month, a bunch of Virtual Training Days on the schedule, and more developer-focused events on Microsoft Reactor.

Azure Virtual Training Days

Power Platform Virtual Training Days

Digital OpenHack

Microsoft Reactor

  • Learn Live: Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks | June 1st

  • ML for Beginners Week 4 – Logistic Regression | June 5th

  • The AI show! Session #4 - Gaming & Open AI | June 6th

  • Analyzing Cosmos DB Data with Azure Synapse Link | June 6th

  • Azure Governance | June 6th

  • Using Azure Private Endpoints | June 7th

  • Deploying Infrastructure to Azure with Terraform - Understanding Terraform | June 7th

  • Retirement of classic Azure Services | June 7th

  • Ask FastTrack for Azure | June 7th

  • Learn Live: Protect your Azure infrastructure with Azure Site Recovery | June 8th

  • Microsoft Purview Essentials | June 8th

  • Open-Source Thursdays : Open-Source for Space Enthusiasts | June 8th

  • How to build an app with GitHub Copilot in minutes | June 13th

  • Learn Key Azure Services - Synapse and Databricks to build delta lake for enterprise | June 13th

  • The AI show! Session #5 -Democratizing AI through Power Apps | June 13th

  • Microsoft Sentinel Fundamentals | June 13th

  • Learn Live: Configure Azure Files and Azure File Sync | June 15th

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud | June 20th

  • Introduction to Kusto Query Language | June 20th

  • Azure Cost Management | June 21st

  • Deploying a website to Azure using Terraform | June 21st

  • Learn Live: Intro to confidential computing with Azure Virtual Machines | June 22nd

  • Microsoft Sentinel | June 22nd

  • Azure Synapse Database Templates / Lake Database | June 22nd

  • Open-Source Thursdays : Maintaining an Open-Source Project | June 22nd

  • Azure Fundamentals Preparation | June 22nd

  • AI at Scale | June 28th

  • Learn Live: Distribute your services across Azure virtual networks and integrate them by using virtual network peering | June 29th

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