September 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

September 2023 Events, Training, and Workshops

I've been busy soaking up the last days of summer, so I'm late getting this month's edition out. September brings us the PSL, meteorological autumn, and this year, Fall for Intelligent Apps.

Virtual Training Days are back in full force this month, and we've got a digital OpenHack focused on OpenAI, too.

Happy learning!

Azure Virtual Training Days

Digital OpenHack

Microsoft Reactor

Microsoft Reactor sessions are broadcast live and available to watch later on the YouTube channel.

September 5th
Deep Dive into Azure Load Testing and AKS
Designing and Managing APIs with Azure API Management
Use Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric
Reliable Web Apps: Performance Efficiency
September 6th
Mastering GitHub Co-pilot: Tips and Tricks
Unleashing the Power of .NET MAUI Handlers: Native Controls
Learn Live: Scale from a single node to multiple nodes with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
Retirement of classic Azure Services
September 7th
Azure Developers - Python Day
Introduction to Fabric: Onelake
September 12th
Building Resilient Apps: Exploring End-to-End Resiliency
DevOps practices for Azure Cosmos
Work with Delta Lake tables in Microsoft Fabric
September 13th
An introduction to responsible AI (RAI) process
Design multi-tenant SaaS apps with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
September 14th
Learn Live: Define and get started with the Contoso Real Estate Application
Experimenting in 0 Failure Environments: How to move fast and NOT break things
September 19th
Use Data Factory pipelines in Microsoft Fabric
September 20th
Leveraging GitHub Co-pilot for Efficiency and Innovation
Converse with Your Data using Azure Open AI and Cognitive Search
Ask the Expert: Fall for Intelligent Apps with Azure Container Apps Part 1
September 21st
Fabric Changes the Game: Lakehouse and Warehouse
Streaming Power BI with Power Automate and Microsoft Forms
Learn Live: Develop and Deconstruct the Contoso Real Estate Portal App
Azure Migrate for Servers - Ask Me Anything
September 25th
Microsoft Fabric: A new step for Big data workloads
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Single Server to Flexible Server migration
September 26th
Testing Azure Services: Ensuring Holiday-Ready Performance
Ingest Data with Dataflows Gen2 in Microsoft Fabric
Ask the Expert: Fall for Intelligent Apps with Azure Functions Part 1
Azure Fundamentals: Describe Azure Identity, Access, and Security
September 28th
Azure Container Apps Landing Zone Accelerator
Learn Live: Develop and Deconstruct the Authentication, Payments & Search
Build a responsible AI startup solution
September 29th
Build your own AI agent with LangChain and Azure OpenAI

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