What's new from GitHub Universe 2023

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What's new from GitHub Universe 2023

Just as GitHub was founded on Git, today we are re-founded on Copilot.

I had the opportunity to attend the GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco last week, and you could feel the excitement of everyone attending. GitHub has gone all-in on AI technology by expanding the features of GitHub Copilot and integrating it into github.com and GitHub Advanced Security.

Here's a quick recap of the biggest announcements from GitHub Universe, along with links and session recordings.

GitHub Copilot Chat will be generally available in December 2023

Whether it’s finding an error, writing unit tests, or helping debug code, Copilot Chat is your AI companion through it all, allowing you to write and understand code using whatever language you speak.

Based on the GPT-4 AI model, Copilot Chat offers new ways to learn about your existing code and create new code.

Copilot Chat in your IDE or editor (Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and JetBrains products) and the GitHub mobile app are included as a part of existing GitHub Copilot subscriptions for no extra cost and will be generally available in December 2023.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise

Announced for the first time at GitHub Universe, Copilot Enterprise extends Copilot Chat to github.com to help with non-coding tasks and allows companies to safely and securely use the context of their codebase and documentation to empower their developers.

  • Chat personalized to your organization's codebase

  • Documentation search and summaries

  • Pull request summaries

  • Code review skills

  • Fine-tuned AI models

GitHub Copilot Partner Program

Extend Copilot Chat beyond your codebase by integrating it with the ecosystem of third-party developer tools and services starting with DataStax, LaunchDarkly, Postman, Hashicorp, Datadogs, and others.

New AI features in GitHub Advanced Security

Introducing AI-powered application security testing with GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub announced a handful of new AI-powered features in GitHub Advanced Security to make it even easier to find and fix security vulnerabilities:

  • Code scanning autofix

  • Detect leaked passwords and unstructured secrets

  • Generate regular expressions for custom secret patterns

Code scanning autofix is my favorite of these new features. Now GitHub Advanced Security will not only suggest code fixes but offer you AI-generated remediation suggestions you can add to your pull request.

Preview of Copilot Workspace

GitHub also previewed Copilot Workspace, a bold reimaging of how developers can work using GitHub:

Copilot Workspace is intended to help developers complete full development tasks, which are often specified and tracked as GitHub Issues. Therefore Copilot Workspace can take an issue as input and automatically extract the current behavior of the code, propose new behaviors that would address the issue, formulate a plan, and implement the plan (i.e., write the code). Copilot Workspace has the full context of the issue, including all comments, and can even follow links from the issue to extract information to help it complete the task.

Nothing beats in-person

It had been four years since my last in-person conference, and it was great to be back with people. The conversations with customers and partners were great, the sessions engaging, and the energy palpable. I can't wait to see what everyone builds with this new technology as it rolls out over the next few months!